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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Learning the Bugle

I have been wanting to learn the bugle for months.  My mom surprised me with a bugle today.  I am determined to learn to play the bugle before summer camp.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Old Girl Scout Uniforms

You have probably noticed my passion for GS History.    I hope you have read my blog about getting my Golden Eaglet.    This is a picture of me in a uniform that I have added to my family heritage collection. 
You might be wondering where all of the uniforms in our resent give away came from. Let me share a story with you. About two years ago Ernie and I met a man who had been collecting all things scouting for about fifty years, with the idea that he would one day start a museum devoted to Scouting. After he was, “let go” form the Boy Scouts because they wanted younger adults, apparently he had nothing left to offer once he became ill with Parkinson’s.  He started to buy anything and everything related to Scouting. He believed that if he didn’t buy it no one would want it and it would be cast aside, hence a hoarder of scouting memorabilia was born.  Over the course of many years the “collection” got out of control.  Taking over the basement and several room of the house, sheds were built to house the collection mostly sorted and in labeled footlockers. Now at nearly ninety years old and with declining health he has convinced the local BSA alumni group to set up a Boy Scout museum at the council, which has given them a space for the permanent collection.   That only left the Girl Scout portion of the collection to deal with.
We bought the GS items that we could use, but there was so much of everything that we simply cannot ever use it all.  Many pounds of uniforms were given to our local council, Girl Scouts of Colorado to be used in program boxes and for fashion shows.  Once our friend realized that these uniforms could be loved and treasured by others he has agreed to let us find new homes for them.  Giving away his collection has been very hard for both him and his wife, even though he knows it must be done.  Everything that has left their home must be photographed and cataloged, this I’m sure is a coping mechanism of sorts.
Now we have a favor to ask of you. Would you please take a photo of someone with the uniform(s) or of the Girl Scout display that you make or of someone wearing one of the uniforms that you got from the give away?  If it’s not too much trouble you could email the photo to us along with a short note letting Robert know how you intend to use the uniform or why you wanted to have it.  We plan on giving him a scrapbook as a memento. Thank you.
Yours In Girl Scouting,
Carol and Ernie Altvater

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sailing - Camp Kachina

A Sunfish sail

All full and big

And boats on the water

That we, Girl Scouts, rigged


We all learn

To sail

On Lake Belton

So Blue


And a Sunfish

Would sail better

If it sailed off

With YOU!


I have gone to many sailing camps and programs. But the Spring Break Sailing Camp at Camp Kachina is, by far, my favorite.

The afternoon you arrive, you are welcomed with a smile and the day is dedicated to getting you familiar with the parts of the boat, safety and knots. As well as getting to know the other Girl Scouts who would be sailing with you. The next day is smooth sailing all day. If you’re experienced you can solo sail or you can go out on the water with a buddy.

The camp I attended, we sailed for a fun six hours! None of us had trouble sleeping that night and the next day was points of sail and cleaning up.

Its camps like these that help get girls feet wet in the world of sailing. It opens up an opportunity to stay fit and learn to harness the wind and the water as well as meet other girls you share your same interest.

I was fortunate enough to go to camp two and a half years ago and learn to sail, because I have had a love and passion ever since. And now, as an Ambassador, I still go to these camps and events to get a recap. Because it’s not only the sunfish and the wind that always draw me back to Camp Kachina, but it’s the coordinators and adult volunteers that make all of these events and programs fun and safe.

These adults at Kachina have encouraged me to keep boating and they will forever fill my sail with wind to keep sailing forward. And now this summer I am going on the Virgin Islands Tall Ship Sailing Destinations trip.

Come to Camp Kachina for Summer Sailing camp, because we would love to see you paired with a sunfish and on the water. Sailing like a Mariner Girl Scout!!



Sunday, March 16, 2014

Whats next - Golden Eaglet

So I have another blog that I write about my Journeys.

Since I am going to be writing about my quest for the Golden Eaglet.

Come follow me over at
My first blog - about the Senior Sow What Journey

Friday, January 24, 2014

Last Years Trip -- Local resident travels abroad as part of Girl Scout program

Have you read about Sarahs trips last summer?

Local resident travels abroad as part of Girl Scout program

Learning to code


I really enjoyed being part of the pilot program - codergirls.  I am registered for the 6 week program starting February 1st.  Before this Girl Scout opportunity - I had NO interest in programming.

Where does the money go?

The money from your purchase stays here in Central Texas.

More than cookies and badges

MarieY-Coffeemate Audition

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Guest Blog from our mom

I wanted to put some resources down that my girls have found helpful when homeschooling and Girl Scouting.  Because we homeschool we can do way more than cookies J -- but we do a lot of cookies….

First, they love to earn badges with and without their troops.  We have always kept a journal or filled out badge completion forms.  Those that we finish outside of troop – we purchase ourselves. 

Once a badge always a badge – we enjoy finding old badges to work on – we use those requirements.  I find them on Girl Scout Badge Swap on facebook -  or Ebay.

We do Girl Scout schooling on Friday’s – so they work on badges usually - -Sarah worked on Journeys – her blog is

We take advantage of as many programs as possible – go to the council site –  click on calendar.  You can go as a family.  You do not have to go as a troop.

As homeschoolers – we get to do things other Girl Scouts don’t get to do - -such as Color Guard at various community events, try new programs for council and be part of media opportunities. 

            ***I will need folks on April 17 – Women of Distinction Luncheon

We have started technology activities on Fridays at the Kodosky Center – if you are not on those Rallyhoods –

In the past homeschooling Girl Scouts have facilitated campouts that invited all homeschooling girl scouts regardless of their “troop” or Juliette status.  We also have done service projects (January 31 we are going to cook at Ronald McDonald House)

You can also do events in your service unit or other service units – I am the service unit director for Pecan Trail in Pflugerville –

Please share what your daughters have done. 

Sarah has attended 2 Destinations and finished her Gold Award.  She is happy to talk with girls and parents about how homeschooling helped her Girl Scout career.

If you have questions – feel free to ask –

Kate Woodward Young

Pecan Trail SUD                                

Samoa Parfait

Samoa Parfait
·         Single serving - Coconut Yogurt or Vanilla Pudding                                          
·         3 Samoa cookies
·         Flaked coconut
·         chocolate or caramel syrup
1.       Layer broken cookies and yogurt (or pudding)
2.       Top with coconut
3.       Drizzle with chocolate or caramel syrup
Other options – chop up and include with cashews and raisins for trail mix. 
Crush cookies and use as pie crust. 
This works with all of our flavors – my favorite is Thin Mints on ice cream.
Support our cookie business today.

Girl Scouts: A Cookie is Not Just a Cookie

Cooking with Cookies