Friday, February 20, 2015

Earn badges with Made w/Code

Being an older Girl Scout has presented me with many opportunities. One that I have recently accepted is an internship with my Girl Scout council. My job with this internship is to get youth interested, involved and inspired with computer coding.

This site, has activities and videos that show youth that coding isn't something scary or difficult. Even better is that it shows that girls, just like you, can do big things in computer coding. From creating the next big animated movie like Frozen, to winning a Grammy for music.

Go check out the new activity called Music Mixer and try creating your own original song, or make your own avatar. And at the end, share with friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To show them what you've done and that they can do it too.

To go along with these activities you can earn Girl Scout badges as well. The juniors can earn the digital photographer badge in addition to the entertainment technology badge. The Cadets can earn the digital movie maker badge, Seniors, the website designer and social innovator badge. 

Each of the Made w/Code activities then comes with a what you've learned, discuss with each other what that was. How was it? Was it difficult? Did you even know you were learning it? What kind of job would use that skill? Do, talk, learn and share. Four steps towards digital literacy and a higher percentage of females in the technology workforce. Have fun!

Sarah Young