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Friday, April 17, 2015

Moisture Farmer: Star Wars? Or a real thing? - Made w/Code

Today is ‪#‎fastforwardfriday‬! And in coorelation with the new Star Wars trailer out I thought would look at some of the fantasy technology they had. The link below focuses on the mechanism that captures the moisture in the air.
It does sound a little interesting to be a Moisture Farmer, but it would be fun to have any job that involves technology whether that be a fashion designer, a doctor, a choreographer and a movie animator. Think these jobs sound like fun? Check out the videos on the ‪#‎madewithcode‬ website.
Hope y'all have a happy Friday!

Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

#tbt - 20th century interactive timeline - Made w/Code

Have you ever wondered what kinds of items people had in their homes in the early 20th century? Or how each one advanced into the technology we have today? I thought that this morning and was doing a bit of searching and I found this link from PBS website:

Its a great interactive timeline, you can see things change over the years and its great! I have to say, out of all of them the funniest one to cross over was the Tubberware. I'd always had tubberware in the house but never thought "Oh, when was this invented?" just because it was something so simple I thought it was always around, but no! It was made in 1955.
The "evelution" of radio was interesting as well.

If you check it out and are interested in more technology advancements check out some of the videos on the Made w/Code website! Last time I checked there wasn't any advancement of Tubberware but they're still pretty amazing to watch!

Hope you have a happy Thursday!

Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

PS3 is more powerful than a 16 year old Supercomputer! - #tbt - Made w/Code

Its ‪#‎throwbackthursday‬ and I want to take a look and talk about our modern technology we call the cell phone. I remember when my parents got a matching set of phones that had a walkie talkie setting, I also remember when the flip phone was cool. Now we have phones that have absolutely everything. You can have hundreds of apps, have the phone tell you jokes, you can listen to music on it, take photos with it, send emails... you can do anything and everything!

A couple facts I found about the modern phone is that the have more power than NASA did in 1969 when they landed men on the moon. Crazy right? All their computers and pieces of technology don't even compare to a phone that most middle schoolers have today.

And the chip in the singing birthday card you got this year, yeah that tiny chip that sings is stronger than the technology of all the Allied forces in 1974. Wow.

Do you like gaming? The PS3 now is known as an out of date gaming system and you can purchase it for $300 or less. Pretty cheap as far as gaming systems go right? But not as up to date and technologically advanced as the PS4. However the PS3 has more technological power than the US Military Supercomputer did in 1997 (thats only 16 years ago) and costs WAAAAAAAAAAYYY less. The Supercomputer cost a couple MILLION dollars!

Want to see other things that people are doing to advance in technology? Go check out the ‪#‎madewithcode‬ website!
Do you have any crazy facts about technology? Please share I'm would love to read it :)
Hope y'all have a happy Thursday!
Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Friday, April 3, 2015

#FF - Made w/Code

Whereas in the past I had used Fastforward Friday, today I thought I'd try and tackle a more popular trend Flashback Friday. Looking for, yet again, another piece (or pieces) of technology from the past that have challenged the youth of today. Thought that you'd like this video:

I actually had that version of the Nintendo Gameboy, some of the first games I had was The Adventures of Mario, Pokemon Blue and Kirby. I remember playing these games and really enjoying them. Some of the kids reactions were really funny.

If someone had given you a Gameboy like that, would you have known what it was and how to use it?
Did you once have a game like the one in the video?
What about other games?

Don't forget, go check out the Made w/Code website and remember to share it with your friends and family!

Have a happy Friday!

Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

#tbt with computers from the past! - Made w/Code

Its #ThrowbackThursday!
The past couple of times I had posted photos, I thought this time I would find a video that shows how this generation acted towards technology from a couple decades ago, enjoy - 
I found this very funny xD and hope that you enjoyed it too. I actually have never used an "old" apple computer, but I have used and know what a floppy disc is. I actually may or may not still have a couple with some stories I've typed on them.
In the video, they played a game. Why don't you try playing one too! At the ‪#‎madewithcode‬ website smile emoticon 
Hope y'all have a happy Thursday!
Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#wcw - Made w/Code

Its Wednesday meaning on Social Media you'll probably see many posts of women and girls who have influenced a life. I would like to take the time and appreciate women who have influenced and have contributed to science! Check out this website:
Its both funny, interesting and inspiring. If you liked it (or even if you didn't) you should go check out the Made w/Code website and read about other women and young women who are making their mark on science and history!
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and a positive April 1st :)
Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Technology Transformation - Made w/Code

Its Transformation Tuesday and I thought I would not only look at technology pieces, but also look at websites and devices that have changed over the years.

Which one do you use more often? A tablet? Or a PC? Did you know that over the years PC sales have declined because people are beginning to use tablets more and more? Why do you think?

Then reading about Starbucks's app was surprising. I didn't even know one existed, but with a coffee shop chain like Starbucks I think I'd be more surprised if they didn't have one. Do you have the app? If so, how do you like it? Anything you'd want to change or add?

These are only two of the ten this site talks about. Check it out:

And once you're done, head on over to the Made w/Code website and try out some of the games!

Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#IWW - Made w/Code

Some may us the Woman Crush Wednesday hashtag on Wednesdays, however I will be using a different hashtag on my social medias, Inspirational Women Wednesday! I started this today when I was looking for women in the field of science. 

I came across this website and thought it was perfect!
This website has women not just in the science field but specifically in computer sciences and mathematics. 

The last couple of women that were mentioned were actually game designers and developers. I had fun reading about what these women did. One was actually told by one of her professors to stop pursuing a higher education and stay home and raise children. She proved him wrong!! Read about it in the website above.

Want to learn about other women and girls that are making a difference? Go to the Made w/Code website.

Hope y'all have a happy Wednesday!

Yours in coding,
Sarah Y.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Girl Scout Outdoor badges!

Welcome to Girls’ Choice Badges
Where girls decide what adventure to go on next!
You voted, and we listened! Outdoor Explorer is the winning choice!
Here are the badges for each age level:
•Brownie: Outdoor Adventurer (a choice of outdoor activities)
•Junior: Horseback Riding
•Cadette: Archery
•Senior: Paddling (canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding)
•Ambassador: Ultimate Recreation Challenge (a choice five outdoor challenges)
Now it's time for girls to choose what their badge will look like!…/form/SV_0BRbVBv0UUfJ82x

Make sure to go in and vote! My sister and I did and some of their choices look great! I can't wait to see what GSUSA does with the badges. 
And remember to check out the Made w/Code website:
Have a happy Thursday

Yours in Coding,
Sarah Y.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Top 10 Women inventions - Made w/Code

I was looking for a woman that made a big breakthrough in science and made a difference. When I stumbled across this site.

These women, some in science, yes made a big breakthrough. Others, made somethings that we take for granted today! Windshield Wipers for example.

At the Made w/Code classes I teach the girls also go over the process of planning, creating and implementing ideas. I saw this and thought "if these girls are beginning now, who knows what they'll create in the future!"

If you thought these 10 were interesting, look at what other girls and women are doing now!

Yours in coding,
Sarah Y.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Transformation Tuesday - Made w/Code

Its Transformation Tuesday!

It was actually a couple days ago that my mom and I were talking about how you can tell just how old a piece of technology is just by its thickness.

A computer, a phone, TV's,  movies (VHS vs. DVD), music (cassettes vs. CD's).

And along with these advances in... size, came the advancement in how they work. I see this advancement every second and fourth Friday of every month when I work with my Made w/Code girls. Coding and programming have come a long way and I am so glad that I get to help the next generation get ready to make the next big advancement!

I would love to talk to your troop, youth group, club, and/or school about the Made w/Code project. If you're at all interested please contact me at
Until then! Happy coding!

Yours in coding,
Sarah Y.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Music Monday - Made w/Code

Its Music Monday!
Crystallize by Lindsey Sterling

Did you know that in every song, coding is involved? The auto-tune of the voice, the syncing of the instruments, any electronic sound? Coding.

Whats your favorite type of song? Electronica? Dubstep? All these use a type of encrypting language, all studios have a sound board which uses technology, which then using coding.

Its all around us, in our clothes, our movies, in our music. Try making your own song with code at

Have fun, share with friends!

Yours in coding,
Sarah Y.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Made w/Code Mentors

It's now been two months since I started my Made w/Code Girl Scout internship and its been such a great learning experience.
One part of the internship that I really enjoy is getting to interact with girls on the second and fourth Friday of every month at the Girl Scout council office. This day is dedicated to sciences and I have had the opportunity to teach one session for all three age groups these days.
So far we've gone over what coding is, what fields you can work in with computer coding and what an x and y axis is and how to use it within photo editing. We've built teamwork skills to help one another on coding projects and I can't wait to give these girls more challenges to work on together.
When I thought of challenges I thought of the Mentor videos on the website. These mentors had challenges which they faced with perseverance, intelligence and imagination. And I definitely see some of the girl scouts I am teaching in the mentors I am watching on the website.
Don’t believe me? Go check out the mentor videos for yourself at

Yours in Coding,
Sarah Young

Friday, February 20, 2015

Earn badges with Made w/Code

Being an older Girl Scout has presented me with many opportunities. One that I have recently accepted is an internship with my Girl Scout council. My job with this internship is to get youth interested, involved and inspired with computer coding.

This site, has activities and videos that show youth that coding isn't something scary or difficult. Even better is that it shows that girls, just like you, can do big things in computer coding. From creating the next big animated movie like Frozen, to winning a Grammy for music.

Go check out the new activity called Music Mixer and try creating your own original song, or make your own avatar. And at the end, share with friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To show them what you've done and that they can do it too.

To go along with these activities you can earn Girl Scout badges as well. The juniors can earn the digital photographer badge in addition to the entertainment technology badge. The Cadets can earn the digital movie maker badge, Seniors, the website designer and social innovator badge. 

Each of the Made w/Code activities then comes with a what you've learned, discuss with each other what that was. How was it? Was it difficult? Did you even know you were learning it? What kind of job would use that skill? Do, talk, learn and share. Four steps towards digital literacy and a higher percentage of females in the technology workforce. Have fun!

Sarah Young