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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#IWW - Made w/Code

Some may us the Woman Crush Wednesday hashtag on Wednesdays, however I will be using a different hashtag on my social medias, Inspirational Women Wednesday! I started this today when I was looking for women in the field of science. 

I came across this website and thought it was perfect!
This website has women not just in the science field but specifically in computer sciences and mathematics. 

The last couple of women that were mentioned were actually game designers and developers. I had fun reading about what these women did. One was actually told by one of her professors to stop pursuing a higher education and stay home and raise children. She proved him wrong!! Read about it in the website above.

Want to learn about other women and girls that are making a difference? Go to the Made w/Code website.

Hope y'all have a happy Wednesday!

Yours in coding,
Sarah Y.

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