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Monday, January 25, 2016

Shark Tank - #hopdoddylove

Have you ever wondered what someone said that made them win something?  Below is my pitch for Hopdoddy - entrepreneur pitch.   I am honored to be the First Place winner.

Just so you know - I spent a lot of time researching, writing and practicing my pitch.  I wanted this! 

Having taking acting, public speaking and debate classes - along with completing several business related Girl Scout badges - I knew I needed to do more than tell them what they wanted -- I needed to tell them what they didn't know they wanted to know.

My family has always loved hopdoddy burger bar since the beginning, I was 5 when I first visited the south congress location. Before the lines.  We still visit Anderson Lane.  Round Rock will be a regular dinner and lunch stop for us.

I love your food, the buns are awesome and the fries! I agree with Rachael Ray, you make the best burgers in America. The best burgers in America need the best cookie Milkshakes.

According to business insider Thin Mints are one of the best cookies in America.   It is a Crisp chocolate wafer cookie covered in chocolate with natural peppermint oil, these cookies are Vegan, which would make a great Alternative Milkshake.   

I love to cook from scratch in my kitchen and compete in cooking competitions.  Every cookie season I create or modify new recipes for my customers, using our cookies.  How about a Vegan Thin Mint milkshake - Soy milk, coconut vegan ice cream, additional peppermint flavoring paired with the LaBandita. YUM.  

These cookies are my favorite, I like them frozen and on ice cream.

2010 was a great year - Hopdoddy started and I partnered with my sister for the beginning of my cookie business.  Combined over 8000 boxes of which 2025 boxes were Thin Mints - 30 percent of my sales.  My thin mint customers buy them by the case - they freeze them, eat them all year long. Usually they are women over the age of 20.

The Classic Burger needs a classic flavor.  Such as peanut butter and chocolate - a Tagalong shake.  Including a child size - to go with the Round Rock location launch of the kids menu - because families, love the Tag-A-Longs, kids love peanut butter and chocolate. 

I have two goals with this year cookie profits - using some of it to help with my Silver Award - the highest award a cadette girl scout can earn.   Working with the Waco Mammoth National Monument - writing their Junior Ranger Program.    My second goal with the cookie profit, is a trip to Savannah Georgia with my troop to learn more about our amazing founder, Juliette Gordon Low.   As she said - Scouting rises within you and inspires you to put forth your best.

As a troop - we plan to create care packages for families of deployed National Guard soldiers.  The families of our soldiers need our support as well -- I know!

Being a Girl Scout helps me build Courage, Confidence and Character through different programs like Archery, robotics, coder girls, going to camp and my favorite the girl scout cookie business where I learn:

      Goal Setting - by setting goals and creating a plan for cookie sales AND cookie box donations specifically Operation Cookie.  My troop has been a huge Operation Cookie supporter since my dad was deployed to Iraq.

      Decision Making - I have to decide if the time and location for a cookie booth is a good one.  As well as How to work a booth location, how to work with other scouts and reaching out to businesses
  •  Money Management  - Since I was in first grade, I kept inventory - so I knew if my brothers ate my cookies and kept track of the money at booths

      People Skills by working with others, talking to strangers about their cookie requests, cookie needs

      Business Ethics making sure donations go where they need too, setting a good example for younger scouts, thanking businesses that allow us to sell at their location.
This seasonal milkshake promotion is great for Girl Scouts and better for Hopdoddy to create lifelong customers.  Thank you judges for taking time out of your busy schedule. I am Marie Young your cookie supplier. ((Stand there don’t say anything.))    

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